shipping information

orders are shipped USPS priority mail within 1-2 business days of purchase. we ship to p.o. boxes.

please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery, in case of *back ordering please allow 10 business days for delivery.

shipping is flat $4.95** no matter if you order 1 item or 100+ items.

if its a group order we will send the whole package to one address.

**alaska shipping, hawaii shipping, puerto rico shipping will be via USPS priority mail @ the 4.95 flat rate shipping fee.

USPS priority mail will be used for canadian/international orders for the flat rate of 32.95 (USD).

If your order is under 4 pounds, the priority mails flat rate would be 24.95 (USD) making a credit of 8.00 (USD) at time of ship.

we will not know the actual charged ship weight of a parcel till after we receive a USPS shipped receipt.

if our shopping cart prompts more then the 4.95 (USD) or 32.95 (USD) for the above stated areas, we will credit the overage at time of shipping.

any other shipping alternatives or location contact us.

if you have questions/concerns, send email to:

thank you, Jay

please note displayed pictures are for reference only due to variances in photography and computer monitor settings the actual product color and scale may vary from the item pictured. is not a drop ship company we carry an inventory. in the case we are short on stock your order will be delivered within ten business days of order receipt, this includes alaska, hawaii, and puerto rico for a flat rate ship of 4.95 no matter the order size.

all information given to is strictly confidential and will be used only as intended.