Antique iron arts crafts horizontal bail pull CH-0276ai dark antique iron solid backplate hort bail pull
$ 14.95
2"h x 4"w
projection 5/8"
bore 1-3/4" oc
screws included
note detailed solid bail
Antique iron arts crafts vertical bail pull CH-0275ai dark antique iron solid backplate vertical bail pull
$ 12.95
3-3/4"h x 1-1/4"w
projection 5/8"
bore 2-1/2" oc
screws included
note escutcheon nail supplied
Antique bronze arts crafts handle pull CH-0272ai dark antique iron solid dimpled handle
$ 10.95
7/8 "h x 5-1/2"w
projection 1-1/8"
bore 3-3/4" oc
screws included
note detailed solid handle
Antique iron arts crafts square knob CH-0270ai dark antique iron solid square dimpled knob
$ 9.95
1-3/8" square
projection1-1/8 "
bore single
screws included
note detailed solid knob

dark antiqued bronze empire bronze antique dark antiqued iron

USA company with some overseas manufacturing

cast zinc alloy

bore or oc (on center) = distance between mounting screw holes

lead times
lead times will be 3-10 business days delivered depending on stock on hand/weather

USA 50 orders 4.95 via usps flat rate priority mail for quick efficient deliveries (yes to p.o. boxes)

*finishes may vary slightly due to different monitor configurations